Streamliner App

People working at the back door receiving all incoming shipments don’t need all the features in the Streamliner plugin. That’s why we developed a Mobile App, that runs on Android, and has all the functionality they need to be productive. Managing Your Back Door has Never Been so Easy.

Real Time Visibility

Real time visibility on all incoming shipments and deliveries

Shipment Reception

Processing a shipment is quick, yet precise and detailed

Issue Management

You log issues in a split second. All information is immediately available for everyone who needs it, and your Score Cards are updated

Integrated Chat

Orders and shipments can be discussed by you and your supplier in real time. All information stays available, now and in the future.

File Sharing

You can upload files and pictures to a shipment, making it available for everyone involved.

Offline Capability

When your Wifi is not working, you fall back on your mobile network or simply work offline and sync automatically afterwards.


Real time visibility on incoming shipments and deliveries



Easy carry-on device versus a bulky tablet or laptop



Designed for tasks performed at the back door, without any distractions


Not-Your-Average Inbound Optimization
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